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Lo-Bak TRAX stretches the sensitive, soft tissues surrounding and supporting your spine. These soft tissues are not used to being stretched like this.

Do not be surprised if you are sore after using Lo-Bak TRAX, especially in the first 3 weeks of use. If you try and push too hard or hold the stretch too long, you will be sore. Just like any new work out program, it is best to start slow and easy.

Do not be surprised if you feel a stretch/traction in your mid-back area and not in your low back area in the beginning. With consistent use the soft tissues will stretch and relax and the traction will become more effective. Do not get up immediately when done. Always breathe normally during use.

Let your body rest for 1-2 minutes before getting up, to avoid spasm.


Problem: I have bad knees and it's tough to get down on the floor. Can I do it in bed?

SOLUTION: The short answer is YES, you can do Lo-Bak TRAX in bed. Just realize that it may take a little bit longer to see results. When you sink into the cushion of your bed, it does take a little bit away from the traction force, however, we do have several users telling us that they use it on their bed and love it.

Problem: I'm feeling the traction/stretch in my mid back, not my low back area!

SOLUTION: This may occur in some people who have chronic low back pain. Their low back is so over-tight that the middle back is the first area to start to move or stretch. With consistent use, the low back area will start to stretch and the traction force will be felt more in the low back after 3 weeks.Another problem could be that the user has the thigh contact located too high up on the thigh while applying the force. Make sure the thigh contact is as close to the groin/trunk area as possible. The final problem could be the user has their wrists positioned higher than the hand grip. This will cause more force to the top of the thigh contact and cause a stretch higher up in the spine.

Problem: The center point is pointing either up or down and is not flat!

SOLUTION: This is a clear indicator your wrist position is wrong. Your wrists should be flat or straight in-line with the handle grip. If your wrists are BELOW the handle grip, the center point will tilt up. If your wrists are ABOVE the handle grip, the center point will tip down. Either way, you will not get a good stretch unless your wrists are flat and in line with the handle grips, and the point is flat, especially when you first start using Lo-Bak TRAX. Once comfortable using Lo-Bak TRAX, you can move your wrists above or below the handle grip during use to change the spinal level you are targeting at that time. **

** PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced move, done when using Lo-Bak TRAX to change the levels in your spine you are trying to target. This can be done without moving the device and while holding the traction force. This should only be done when you are comfortable using Lo-Bak TRAX.
Problem: I'm just not feeling a good traction force where I want or need it!

SOLUTION: Lo-Bak TRAX traction force should be able to be targeted to the area in your lower back which you would like. HOWEVER, being able to target the force is tougher than it looks and takes some practice to find your "sweet spot". The area of your back where you feel the traction force most depends on: WRIST POSITION, FEET POSITION, or THIGH CONTACT POSITION.


  • If your wrists are higher than the hand grips, the center point will tip down and you will feel the force more in the upper back area.
  • If your wrists are lower than the hand grips, the center point will tip up and you will feel the force more in the lower back area.
  • If your feet are closer to your buttocks, you will feel the force more in your lower back area.
  • If your feet are further away from your buttocks, you will feel the force more in your mid back area.
  • If the thigh contact is located closer to the groin/trunk area, you will feel the force more in the lower back area.
  • If the thigh contact is located higher up on the thigh, you will feel the force more in the upper back area.


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